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How It Works get the results you want consistently
Wearing weights adds resistance to your movement. It makes your body exert more effort at a constant pace while in motion, so that you burn more calories and build more muscle. Making small, consistent progress in your fitness journey is the best way to reach your goals.
Get Toned
Trim that unwanted fat and get toned in no time at all.
Lose Weight
Burn more calories without changing your daily routine.
Boost Cardio
Strengthen your heart and lungs during your normal activity.
Up Your Game
Elevate training and improve your performance.
Using TungstenBody Ultra-Thin Weight Bands is as easy and simple as putting them on for 12 hours a day. No workouts or special diet plans are necessary to see significant results. However, having a fitness routine or a healthier diet will accelerate the weight loss and muscle toning even more.
By using TungstenBody Bands, you are adding enough resistance to force your body to work harder and burn more calories. Your muscles work harder consistently throughout the day. So, when you simply go about your normal routine, you will see results like never before.
There is no easier way to get toned and lose weight. Go about your normal day and let your body do the work for you. It is an effortless process that will bring you incredible results.
3 More Reasons To Use It
There are dozens of ways that TungstenBody Bands can help you get in shape, lose weight, and get toned. But making it easy is what makes TungstenBody Bands so incredibly simple.

No other workout system can be applied and activated so easily. It is ready to go in less time than you would normally spend in the locker room. Plus, once it is on, you won’t even realize you have it on.


Your gym is where you are. Even when you are at work or at home, TungstenBody Bands are so slim and masterfully crafted, they look like fashion accessories that go well with anything in your closet.


If you are active, you will benefit even more. Bike, walk, run, play ball, box, play tennis, golf–you name it. TungstenBody Bands can be used during any activities, giving you a good boost in your performance.

Did you know that the process of getting in shape the TungstenBody way is the same principle used in the military for decades?
In the military they call it a Ruck Walk. It basically means that you are walking with a rucksack (military name for backpack) that has all your gear in it. The gear can weigh from 20% to 50% of the soldier’s body weight. Just imagine they are walking around, hiking and going on missions for 8 to 12 hours a day with 20 to 100 1bs + gear on, daily.
Ever notice how in-shape soldiers are? That is 70% of the reason why. They are carrying around gear (adding weight) to their daily routine and that weights gets them in the best shape of their lives.
How Are TungstenBody Bands Different From Other Body Weights?

Built with super-heavy tungsten, and hand crafted from 100% full-grain leather, our bands are virtually indestructible.


Bulky wearable weights are a thing of the past, TungstenBody Bands are ultra-thin, and made of real leather which gives a luxurious look and feel to each of our bands. People think it’s a fashion accessory more than a weighted band.


Our bands are made to order and bespoke for each client, ensuring the perfect fit each and every time.


The world’s first all-day wearable weights in the global market that have built-in fitness trackers with advanced GPS technology (coming soon).

Lifetime Value

Tungsten is a precious metal that’s virtually indestructible with a value that’s close to that of silver. Furthermore, the leather we use is 100% full-grain, which, if properly maintained can last a lifetime. It can be an heirloom that you can pass onto multiple generations.